Moving Into the Future of Addiction Treatment with NACAR

28th January 2018


Moving Into the Future of Addiction Treatment with NACAR

I feel that there is a wind of change in the air!

With all the controversy around addiction treatment and ways and means with which to access this treatment, NACAR has been born. What is NACAR? At this stage it is an open book, although the Independent Founder member Rehab Clinics that have come together to create this, have some definite goals and beliefs.

I would say that our primary purpose would be to ensure that some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society are able to access the best care that is available to them with their needs being put first. By coming together the members of NACAR will be able to put in place a set of values and a vision that will give the clients peace of mind regarding their life saving treatment. We also hope to be able to assist those less fortunate to access much needed help that would otherwise not be available to them.

We will look to come together and share information and experience on working practices so that we all gain knowledge and strength that will benefit us and those seeking help.

Initially we have set up a website which will show the founder members and we will post articles relating to certain aspects of each individual treatment centre and any events that they may be holding. We will regularly post blogs about all aspects of addiction and life experiences from past clients.

We will aim to guide people to help them find the right treatment options for themselves, not just in the private sector, safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with reputable independent rehabs who have a code of ethics and good practice.

We will look to provide information on how to access treatment and the process that will occur on the journey to recovery and also the strict guidelines that Rehabs have to adhere to, which are governed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

We will hold regular meetings to move the association on further in a therapeutic manner rather than political. We will be open to applications from all treatment providers that have 3 or less clinics and they will be assessed by our Board of Founder Members prior to acceptance. There will be strict guidelines in place to ensure that clients and families alike are treated with the utmost respect and care during the incredibly stressful and often traumatising period of time within which they are seeking help.

We embrace diversity.

We will create a rehab directory to guide users in their choice of rehab, interventionists, counsellors and other Addiction and Mental Health providers.

We hope to create a community site where users can access information about addiction and learn about different types of disorders and what help is available.

Features about living sober after treatment, how to practice healthy living, tips for staying clean, how to prevent overdose etc and also ask an expert FAQs about addiction

This will also be a place where you can write about your story of recovery to show that those suffering with the disease of addiction need ever use again.

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