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The Recovery Hub Ipswich

28th January 2018


The Recovery Hub Ipswich

The Recovery Hub Ipswich is an innovative treatment centre for anyone experiencing problems with addiction. Here at the Hub we specialise in the treatment of both substance and process addictions including, but not limited to; Alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, gambling, co-dependency, gaming, over eating, exercise, sexual and relationship dysfunction.

Located in Ipswich, Suffolk, The Recovery Hub Ipswich has excellent transport links within an hour of London, Norwich and Cambridge.

Simon Aalders (Director) and Daniel Farnham (Registered Manager) are award winning professionals who pioneered the SIMDAN treatment model. The SIMDAN treatment model offers a fresh and inspiring approach to long term recovery. The SIMDAN programme includes a wide range of personalised therapies, designed to explore and plan for each person’s individual physical, psychological, spiritual and wellbeing needs in making a positive and sustainable recovery.

Our recovery packages will reflect your assessed needs and are delivered by a highly experienced, award winning team of recovery workers, clinical specialists and creative therapists that have over 60 years of successful practice. Our programme, based on proven successful intervention techniques, is a daily mix of structured groups and stimulating activities.

The groups focus on activities that explore brain responses and relapse triggers, life events, personal responsibility and spiritual awareness. We also offer a dynamic 12 Step programme that will help you through all the early steps in a clear, structured and meaningful way with the help of both staff and qualified counsellors highly experienced in 12 Step Recovery. Our expert therapists and team are skilled in successfully working with significant life trauma, abuse, PTSD and personality disorders. Our individual work with you will always be person centred and solution orientated. The counsellors have specific areas of interest in which they incorporate into their work, and this helps with the application of each client as they are admitted. We currently have three counsellors on the team: a psycho-sexual therapist, with areas of interest in trauma, addiction, and childhood sexual abuse; an EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) practitioner ideal for trauma and PTSD, with areas of interest in inner child work, mental health issues, and childhood sexual abuse; and our therapeutic lead specialising primarily in addiction, with areas of interest in self-consciousness, self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence; and MBCT.

We have a wide variety of physical health improvement options with gym usage and horticulture. We hold creative workshops two afternoons per week with our Art Therapist and creative and gardening experts.

Visiting times are every weekend, with the supported opportunity to stay in touch with family and close friends. We absolutely believe maintaining healthy family support is crucial for successful long term recovery.

The Recovery Hub Ipswich is a well established rehab clinic.  We have supported over 350 people into meaningful recovery, learning about and maintaining our own recoveries and overseeing the flourishing of a residential treatment centre that sees over 90% of residents successfully complete treatment with us, and over 33% of people extend their time with us to gain a greater understanding about their own recoveries and how to live healthier and happier lives.

Our guiding principle is – “Everyone can recover, we don’t know who will recover but everyone must be given every opportunity”. Combined with the principles of healthy living by living with Respect for all things, Honesty in all you do, Gentleness – go with process don’t fight it and Service – how can I help others? We have found that these principles have created an environment that accepts and nurtures the individual, improves health, spiritual growth and lifestyle change.

We hold regular weekly meetings of AA, NA and CA at the Hub, with all welcome. We regularly have 30+ attendees to our meetings so our community is growing and the message of recovery is strong.

To find out more about Recovery Hub Ipswich and how we can help you, please come and visit our website at or call one of our friendly admissions team on 0300 030 3333. You can also keep up to date with all we do here at the Hub by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”


The Recovery Hub Ipswich
175 Felixstowe Road
Ipswich IP3 8EB

Office: 01473 402841
Admissions: 0300 030 33 33


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